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We are inviting angling clubs, fisheries, fishing organisations, charter skippers, instructors / coaches and guides to take part in, or run their own, events between 16 and 25 May 2014.

It is planned that events will be free and focused on getting a fishing rod into beginners’ and novices’ hands.

These could involve any or all of the following

  • Open Days, Family Fish-in, Take a child fishing
  • Grandparents / Grandchildren learn to fish day, Retired People’s Fish-in
  • Ladies’ Day, Father’s Day
  • Scouts – taking their angling badge, Disabled Day
  • Fish feeding and life cycle teach-in
  • Tackle repair workshop, Water Safety

We will be promoting all Fisheries Awareness Week events. Promotion will be through posters, local and national media and the internet.


Terms and Conditions and other information

All event registrations received before the 30th of March will be listed in the Fisheries Awareness Week event guide which is distributed nationwide and internationally.

It is the responsibility of event organisers to ensure the information provided for their event is accurate and correct. Inland Fisheries Ireland does not accept responsibility for inaccurate/incorrect event information provided through the registration process.

To ensure the correct details for your event are listed online and in the event guide (if applicable) please check your event details for accuracy at the end of the registration process before you click submit.

The information contain herein is intended for guidance purposes only. Inland Fisheries Ireland and its agents use their best efforts in collecting and preparing the information published herein.

However, Inland Fisheries Ireland does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any and all liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions resulted from negligence, accident, or other causes.

Inland Fisheries Ireland does not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from the use or misuse of this information.

Have you got insurance? Organisers of events should ensure they have adequate insurance cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone organise an event for Fisheries Awareness Week?

Yes, any organisation, individual, business, or community group can organise an event for Fisheries Awareness Week.

How can I register an event?

Registering an event for Inland Fisheries Awareness couldn’t be easier. Complete the online registration form above or alternatively contact your local IFI office – details on the Contact Us page.

What is the deadline for event registration?

The deadline for event registration for inclusion in the Fisheries Awareness Week event guide which is distributed nationwide is the 30th of March. Events can be registered later and will be included on the website, IFI blog, Facebook etc but may not appear in the printed event guide.

How can my community benefit from organising an event during Fisheries Awareness Week?

In Ireland we have great angling resources on our doorsteps and Fisheries Awareness Week provides opportunities to learn the skills, make contacts and engage with your local angling clubs and organisations.  The week offers new ideas, enjoyment and an important educational opportunity.

In addition angling is a hugely important part of Ireland’s tourism industry.  The week provides a fantastic opportunity for communities to showcase the angling potential and natural heritage in their area, attract visitors and raise revenue for their town or village.

How can I promote my event within my community?

There are lots of ways you can promote your event within your community.  These include posters, local radio, local press, and simply by spreading the word.

Is Fisheries Awareness Week promoted nationally?

Yes, Inland Fisheries Ireland promotes the Week nationally via an integrated advertising (Radio, Press and Online) and PR campaign.

How do I organise insurance for an event?

Inland Fisheries Ireland is not responsible for providing insurance cover for events. Any event open to the public should be covered by public liability insurance. General insurance enquiries can be directed to the Insurance Information Service, 39 Molesworth St, Dublin 2 ph: 01 676 1914.

What should I do if the event I organise has to be cancelled?

If you have no option but to cancel your event please ensure you notify the relevant  Inland Fisheries Ireland office as early as possible and make every effort to notify your local community through as many means as are available to you.

Some health and safety advice:

Anyone who organises events or manages places that attract members of the public should have a health and safety management system in place to anticipate, monitor and control potential risks. Before you hold your event you should carry out a thorough inspection of your venue and identify anything that might cause harm to your visitors and take the necessary precautions.

1.       Look out for any physical features or objects that could lead to accidents or overcrowding.  These may include:

  • Steep steps
  • Uneven or slippery flooring
  • Dead ends and locked gates

2.       Identify your potential visitor groups (e.g. children, elderly people, people with special needs etc) and what obstacles and hidden hazards they may encounter when visiting your building or participating in your event.  They are usually not familiar with the layout and facilities of the venue and this unfamiliarity forms a hazard.

3.       Evaluate the risks and decide whether existing precautions are adequate or more should be done by:

  • Closing all areas which could be dangerous
  • Signposting hazards
  • Having capable volunteers to point out any hazards to visitors and take charge in an emergency
  • Checking your First-Aid kit is complete
  • Making sure there is a working telephone on site
  • Providing emergency escape that is safe and effective for all
  • Liasing with outside organisations such as police and other emergency services

The Venue

  • Consider what level of wheelchair access is available.
  • Consider car parking facilities
  • Ensure you are equipped to cater for the audience you want to attract.  For example, if you want to encourage families you may need to think about toilet and baby changing facilities.
  • Make it clear in advance to visitors if there are any difficulties with access to the property.
  • If you are expecting a lot of traffic notify the police and ask for advice on your arrangements and organise local residents about the event and any possible disruptions to traffic.
  • Speak to your local Fire Safety Officer for advice on fire safety precautions.
  • Make sure you have a telephone and first aid kit on site.


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